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Bay Area Gifted Students is a quarterly magazine that addresses the needs of Bay Area parents who seek superior educational choices for their gifted or highly motivated children. We believe that gifted children are special: that they have unique intellectual, emotional and social needs which have not been met within the large, impersonal classes of government schools. These children may cure cancer, rocket to Mars, dazzle our souls or generate world peace. To accomplish miracles, they deserve better choices.

This magazine publicizes educational choices for gifted children. We welcome articles from students, parents or professionals about topics like the following: assessment of intelligence, the range of intelligence, social life for gifted students, the psychology of the gifted, schools for the gifted, entertainment and field trips in the Bay Area, gifted organizations, homeschooling the gifted, GATE Programs, the politics of gifted education, etc. We encourage an open exchange of ideas, so our articles and editorial submissions frequently do not reflect the opinions of the editors. Gifted students seek innovative solutions, so we do not assume that one solution (e.g. more money for GATE programs) will solve the problems of each unique student.

We distribute this paper quarterly to educators and professionals who deal with children and place many free copies in places frequented by parents. We welcome additional distributors. (Sample to come soon)

Our paper will be distributed in issues of 10,000 each. We welcome sellers of any child-friendly product to purchase display advertising. If professionals wish to be listed as resources in the Bay Area or to purchase display ads, please ask for our advertiser's guide.

The editor, Robert C. Arne, serves as Headmaster of The School of Choice, a school for the gifted with locations in San Jose and Oakland. He has degrees from Berkeley, Oxford and Chicago and loves to teach history and literature. Please contact him with any questions at robert@schoolofchoice.com or 408-887-5108.

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